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Community Youth Volunteer Award
the Volunteer Year is July 1 - June 30

Every volunteer plays a vital role in the success of a community. Kingsland Community Association offers a "Community Youth Volunteer Award" to encourage youth volunteers .

Follow these four easy steps to volunteer for the community:

  1. Download or read the Community Youth Volunteer Award Document for full details.
  2. File a Community Youth Volunteer Application Form with the Kingsland Community Association if you intend to volunteer.
    • A volunteer aged 12 to 25, can sign-up at any time during the year.
    • The KCA year starts in July so we encourage you to sign-up in July to take advantage of all the events to earn your time for the award.
    • An applicant must complete a minimum of 15 hours of volunteer work to qualify for the award.
  3. Track your volunteer of hours using the Community Youth Volunteer Tracking Sheet.
    • Each volunteer is responsible for tracking their own hours.
    • Take the tracking sheet to each event to be signed by a coordinator of the event.
  4. File a Community Youth Volunteer Submission along with your completed Tracking Sheet as soon as possible after June 30 but no later than August 15.

Print or download a copy of this Award Overview.

The Volunteer award will be issued in September. Read about recent Award Recipients.

If have questions please call Cris (403) 280-1602 or general inquiries at (403) 255-1400.