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Kingsland Community Hall
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Calgary, Alberta T2V 0T3
Office Manager and Hall Rentals 403) 255-1400
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Kingsland Community Hall

Questions? please email:

Calgary Police Service
Communuity Resource Officer:
Cst. Jake Tyerman

Communuity Resource Office:

Emergency Crime in progress call 911
Non-Emergency Suspicious Activity: 403-266-1234
Complaints/ Incidents to City of Calgary dial 311
or visit the 311 webpage.

Community Crime Statistics Update
from Calgary Police Service

Keeping Kingsland Safe

Lighting Up Our Alleys

"The Dark - you never know what's there."

Motion Activated Lights are an important aspect of home security. Alleyways are common in Kingsland and due to their lack of visibility from the main roads, dark alleys can be an invitation for criminal activity. So how can lighting up the alley behind your garage stop this behavior?

  • Firstly, as the light suddenly coming on, not only does it startle the would-be invader, but will also draws people's attention.
  • Secondly, the light exposing them, removes the cloak of darkness that home invaders hide in.

Simply put, lighting up the darkness of your Alleyway by installing a "Motion Activated Light" can discourage criminal activity in the darkness of night. In addition, remember to do the 9PM Routine.

Let's light up our alleys and Keep Kingsland Safe. Lighting Up Our Alleys

read more Safety Tips

Notices & News for Kingsland Residents:

Please check Community Info and Social Events for updates. Visit our Community Instagram Instagram Page

  • Yogic Healing

    Upper Hall
    Tuesday classes 7:00 pm - 8:30pm
    $20 drop-in or $60 per month ($15 per class)
  • Jumma Prayers

    Upper Hall
    Fridays at 1:30pm
    All welcome

Broxburn Veggie truck will be using the Kingsland Community Association parking lot as a delivery site for residents who order produce on-line. Pick up on Wednesdays 10 am to noon.

To place an order on-line go to If you encounter problems you can call the farm store at 1-403-327-0909 or the retail phone at 1-587-839-9843

Trico Centre for Family Wellness is a non-profit, community-owned and operated recreation facility. We offer something for all ages. Visit for up-to-date information.

  • Give the Gift of Christmas
  • Goals
  • Merry Christmas

Visit our COVID-19 Information page [updated November 17/20] for a variety of resources with contacts and links, and the Food Resources page for helpful services.