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Kingsland Community Hall



Art installation at a Kingsland Walkway

The Kingsland Community Association received an Activate YYC Catwalk Grant to beautify a walkway (or “catwalk”) in the neighbourhood.

Their vision was to beautify the walkway in a way that could be experienced all seasons; this included creating a gallery walk, inviting artists from the Kingsland Preschool, and adding some lights to make the walkway more inviting and safe.

The preschool’s theme was the elements: water, earth, wind, and fire. Thank you to the Kingsland Preschool teachers and students for your hard work, creativity and talent!

On March 7, a group of Kingsland residents installed the art. Drop by the walkway to take a look!

Art installation at a Kingsland Walkway


Kingsland Walkway with Activate