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Dog Run/Off-Leash Park

Kingsland Off-Leash Dog Run - Closed for June 2020

March 17/20:
Summer safety of Residents and Dogs Calgary Roads is planning to rehab two bridges on Macleod Tr. north of Heritage Dr. in the summer of 2020. Construction access to the underneath of the LRT/CPR Bridge is through the dirt road to the west of the LRT tracks. This access road runs south to north through the off leash park and the contractor will be driving trucks and equipment in and out daily through this access.

For the safety of the dogs and to minimize liability on the City, Roads is requesting Parks temporarily change this off-leash area into leashed area during the construction season. Roads did explore other access options, but didn't find any viable alternatives.

Calgary Parks is recommending the off-leash area be temporally changed to "On Leash" during the construction period. However, we are recommending the area be closed entirely to the public during what I understand will be three intensive construction weekends that are expected to take place.

Once Roads has a schedule Parks will be advised and we will be updated.

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